Sunday, March 3, 2013

And I'm in my 18's...again... :)

Hi guys!
What a long time it is since we last met!

And so many event happened to me: me&my husband spent Christmas holidays at our lovely Prague, we had so many work during this time and also I selebrated my second serious date after an adulthood - my 30th...
I wanted this day was like I want to. And I made it just a celebration for me and my husband.
We spent this day together enjoying places we visited, music we listened, and dishes we ate. It was a perfect day for me
Outfit: Dress - Warehouse (FW-2013), Necklace&Earings - Diva, Faux Fur Cape - Oodji  

That's all!
See you, girls!

Your Anetta   
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