Monday, February 20, 2012

Enjoying the charm of wonderful 60s...

Hi, everybody!
As you remember I have told you that I'm really crazy about all things which are connected to the era of 60's: clothing, cars, films, pictures, etc.
My passion has started from time when I was looking for ideas for our wedding and decided to choose 60's style theme. Due to this obsession recently I've fallen in love with new american sitcom "Pan Am" - a story about 60's era of most popular airline company "Pan American", stewardesses, men, intrigues, and cause about love...
But what I'm absolutely crazy about, it is a marvellous toilets of actors, they are amazing!!!
I regret that I'll never be able to visit those times and see all that beauty with mine own eyes:(

I hope you liked this post and could do justice this fabulous series!
Have a good work week:)

 Your Anetta

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Something mustard...

Hi guys!
I miss you so much, but really had no time to speak with you at all:(
Last week I caught a cold and had to work at home, also I've been spending all this time looking for a good photographer for our wedding and still had no found him. It's a big pity for us, cause there is too little time left...
However, today I want to show you some pictures for your inspiration, which are related to mustard color.
Hope, you'll find something useful and interesting for spring style and mood!

Привет всем!
Очень за вами скучала, но действительно не было вообще времени поговорить с вами:(
На прошлой неделе я заболела и вынуждена была работать на дому, к тому же потратила массу времени на поиски хорошего фотографа нам на свадьбу и жо сих пор не нашла его. Это большая проблема, так как не так уж много времени осталось...
Тем не менее, сегодня хочу показать вам немного картинок для вашего вдохновения, которые посвящены горчичному цвету. Надеюсь, вы найдете что-то полезное и интересное для весеннего стиля и настроения!

And some mustard details

See you next time!
Have a nice week and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

Увидимся в следующий раз!
Хорошей вам недели и СЧАСТЛИВОГО ДНЯ ВАЛЕНТИНА! 

Your Anetta

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