Saturday, July 21, 2012

New apparel for summer

Hi dears!
How was your week?
For me it wasn't very good: I had a lot of work and had to prepare many projects for next half of year.
But it's a big pleasure that weekend finally came!
By the way, recently I came to conclusion that half of summer had already past and I was very sad.
But despite of this perception, I've decided to make my own plan for rest of year, because it helps be more responsible.
And first of all I started with renewal knowledge of English. What a useful thing a smartphone!
Now I have a good program in it for my English vocabulary expansion and glad to grab any opportunity for learning.

Meanwhile this activity didn't keep me from my favourite pastime - shopping:)
So there is some new garments in my wardrobe:

   Items: Heels - Stradivarius (S2012), Dress - Zara (S2012), Blouse - River Island (S2012), Skirt - Zara (S2012), Sunglasses - River Island (S2012)

Have a nice weekend!
See you,
your Anetta

Monday, July 16, 2012

Lovely 60's photoshoots!

Hi, dears!
As you remember, I find 60's the most productive and fundamental in the fashion world.
When I find interesting photoshoots, that really convey an atmosphere of those times, I couldn't pass this.

So, today I'll share with you two photoshoots which inspire me.
First of them, called “The Dreamer”, were featured by Penny Pickard for Fashion Quarterly Magazine.

 And the second session is less plausible, probably, because of selected models who are out of character that era, but, nevertheless, their style deserves attention.
It's a set of photos for Americana Manhasset Spring-Summer Lookbook 2012 named “I Love Americana”, take a look:

What do you think about these photosets?
Hope you like them for their atmosphere and feel the spirit of those epoch!

Have a nice work week.
See you,
Your Anetta  
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