Saturday, July 21, 2012

New apparel for summer

Hi dears!
How was your week?
For me it wasn't very good: I had a lot of work and had to prepare many projects for next half of year.
But it's a big pleasure that weekend finally came!
By the way, recently I came to conclusion that half of summer had already past and I was very sad.
But despite of this perception, I've decided to make my own plan for rest of year, because it helps be more responsible.
And first of all I started with renewal knowledge of English. What a useful thing a smartphone!
Now I have a good program in it for my English vocabulary expansion and glad to grab any opportunity for learning.

Meanwhile this activity didn't keep me from my favourite pastime - shopping:)
So there is some new garments in my wardrobe:

   Items: Heels - Stradivarius (S2012), Dress - Zara (S2012), Blouse - River Island (S2012), Skirt - Zara (S2012), Sunglasses - River Island (S2012)

Have a nice weekend!
See you,
your Anetta

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