Sunday, September 25, 2011

Audrey Hepburn and her gorgeous dresses

Hi guys!
As you remember, I told you that I have a dream - wear an amazing and adorable 50's style inspired dress for our wedding. Inexhaustible inspiration is given me by viewing old photos of Audrey Hepburn style and her wonderful dresses collection.
Dresses of Audrey Hepburn's times were characterized by such features as elegance, femininity, delicacy but the main distinctive aspects of its style were bouffant skirt till knees, narrowed waist and the binding corset.
Audrey Hepburn is the best example of 50's and of couse she is style icon for me. I find her dresses more than attractive, they are magnificent, stunning and astonishing! Just for this reasons I'm going to open new page of my life with this style. Isn't amazing choice?

And this is Audrey's real wedding dress, such airy fairy and tender bride!
Thank you for attention!
Your Anetta

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